We cover all sorts of singing styles at Independent Music – here's some of them.

Rock and Pop Singing Lessons Brisbane

Rock singing and Pop singing are probably the most popular styles of singing that we teach. Rock and Pop covers everything from The Beatles through to ABBA to Crowded House to Pink! Once you have your basic techniques under control, you can start to sing the Rock and Pop music that you love.

Hard Rock Singing Lessons Brisbane

Hard Rock covers everything from Led Zeppelin to Guns N Roses to Soundgarden to Green Day and Nirvana. You'll need to know some special advanced techniques so you don't shred your voice, but don't stress, we can cover all that in your Hard Rock singing lessons.

RnB, Soul and Blues Singing Lessons Brisbane

RnB is a style of singing that requires all sorts of speed and dexterity so that you can navigate all those tricky vocal runs. There's lots of great exercises for those and we can help you to do it. Soul and Blues also require distortion which is not a problem when you know how.

Music Theatre Singing Lessons Brisbane

Music Theatre is a very particular style, closer to classical than any other style that we teach. It requires a lot of precision, vibrato control, power and twang. Good traditional proper singing that we can really help you with.

Metal Singing Lessons Brisbane

Growling, Pig Squeals, Backwards Screams. If you know what we're talking about then we can help you. This style of singing is sustainable and safe but you have to know what you're doing. If you do it wrong you can really hurt yourself.

Jazz Singing Lessons Brisbane

Jazz singing lessons are a lot about style (on top of good fundamentals). Depending on the style of jazz that you want to sing you may have to spend some quality time on jazz music theory as well as your voice.

Country Singing Lessons Brisbane

Country singing is pretty similar to pop singing. Good fundamentals but then some slight adjustment for style. Get ready to twang!