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Seamus Kirkpatrick is the head of vocal studies at Independent Music. Seamus has sung with rock bands, jazz bands, metal and punk bands, orchestras, choirs, choruses and spent many years studying classical singing. He has sung at large festivals including The Big Day Out, Livid, Vans Warped, The Woodford Folk Festival and The National Folk Festival. He has sung in nearly every major venue in the country including The Sydney Opera House, The Arts Centre Melbourne and QPAC. He has sung on TV jingles, TV soundtracks, on trains and buses and done a lot of hideously early in the morning live radio work.

He believes that EVERYONE can sing and will prove it on you if you like.

A long time ago Seamus had some technical troubles with his voice (due to some bad teaching he received early on) and has since spent many years studying the voice and correcting every fault that he could find. He sounds pretty good nowadays and along the way has come up with a particular approach to singing that is incredibly effective for singers of all styles.

Even if you can't sing a note yet, at Independent Music we can help you to realise your singing dreams.

We offer two types of professional singing lessons - group singing lessons and one on one singing lessons. Get started by Clicking Here!