Lesson Choices

What sort of Professional Singing Lessons can you get in Brisbane?

There are two main sorts of classes that you can have. One on one singing lessons or group singing classes. Group singing lessons are great for beginners and people who have never had singing lessons before. One on one singing lessons are great for beginning and advanced singers.

Group singing lessons are very affordable, and you get to learn with a bunch of other people. It's a lot of fun. Everyone is new to singing lessons so there is lots of support and encouragement for everyone. In a group singing class you cover technical basics. How your voice works, posture, breathing, relaxation, power and discovering how high and how low you can sing. You will also learn how to take care of your voice and get a chance to do some singing with your class.

One on one singing lessons are great for beginners and advanced singers. You get to spend more time working out exactly how to use your unique voice to get the results you want. A one on one professional singing lesson is where you would cover more specific and advanced techniques including breath management, twang, distortion and learn to sing in a way that is appropriate for the styles of music that you love.

If you would love to be able to sing but can't even seem to sing one note that sounds right, don't worry. We've got some great singing exercises that will help you to be able to sing the right note, in tune, every time.